Hello, my name is Erik Mortimer and I go by the online handle of bytefl0w. Since I was young, I’ve always had an interest in technology and breaking things. I obtained my Computer Science degree and quickly realized that coding for the rest of my life was just not cut out for me - I truly like to break things πŸ™‚. Thus, pushed me into Cybersecurity and I haven’t looked back (I do like to code still, just only on my own terms).

I work as a Penetration Tester day-to-day and spend my free time sharping my ethical hacking skills along with Bug Bounty hunting. Other than cybersecurity, I’m an avid piano player, and amateur chef that loves to cook new things.


About the Blog

My goal with the blog is to share and document my journey through cybersecurity and create a community of likeminded individuals. Some of the content may include:

  • Specialized topics (reverse engineering, red teaming, malware analysis, C2 development, etc.)
  • Sharing write-ups for CTFs
  • Homelab-ing
  • Personal projects (3d-printing, circuit board development, coding projects)
  • Bug bounty experiences
  • Whatever thoughts and ideas come my way

Through sharing my knowledge and progress, I hope I can help others along the way.